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pumpkin spice latte!

It’s BACKKKKK! Fall in love with a healthier take on this  seasonal coffee drink featuring frothy organic milk, smooth organic espresso and a homemade plant-based pumpkin syrup featuring rich pumpkin purée, a smidge of organic sugar & a dash of pumpkin pie spice, all topped with a dollop of light & fluffy organic whipped cream!

Make it vegan by omitting the whipped cream!

Made Fresh from Scratch at The Patch with organic ingredients.

pumpkin smoothie

Pumpkin lovers, rejoice! Get your pumpkin pie fix – the healthy way – with a festive blend of pumpkin, banana, organic agave, vanilla extract, pumpkin pie spice & the organic milk of your choice.

Made with organic ingredients & plant-based.

fallin’ for this sandwich

This sweet & savory sandwich features the surprisingly delicious flavors of honey ham & goat cheese on a toasted ciabatta bun, with a delicious seasonal roasted sweet potato spread, honey mustard and organic green apples.

Made with organic ingredients.

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