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We support local & sustainable sources for all of our products, which is especially important when it comes to meat, poultry & seafood.

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quality standards

Our meat, poultry & seafood are always free from nitrates & nitrites, artificial ingredients & preservatives. Our carefully selected meat is sourced from farms where the animals are raised, transported & processed humanely & are never treated with antibiotics, administered supplemental hormones or fed any animal by-products.

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Meat Deal Day at Nature's Food Patch
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grass-fed beef

Raised in Ocala, Florida & fed a special blend of non-GMO grass that gives it a beautiful marbling that cooks well & stays juicy. Never treated with synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics.

atlantic salmon

Sustainably farmed & fresh as if it just came off the boat. Born & raised on nature’s terms with no added hormones, no anti-fouling chemicals & has never been treated with antibiotics.

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