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Many of the families struggle to provide everyday meals, and with extended breaks and closures, this need is increasing to levels we’ve never seen before.

“Round up” your total to the nearest dollar at the registers. We’ll send the entire donation to Feeding Tampa Bay to help feed our community during these times.


We are so incredibly proud to be a part of the community that comes together to help one another during times like these.

In addition to our daily donations, we’ve partnered with local organizations to donate food to those who are in need now more than ever during the Coronavirus pandemic, as well as to our local first responders.

Thank you to all of the volunteers who helped with these donations! We appreciate what these groups do for our community!


We are very, very proud to have facilitated & organized this huge donation from our distributor (8 pallets)! All of these supplies went to various food banks in our community:

Just look at all the people it takes to gather such a large donation!


The Patch appreciates our first responders.

We donated platters of chocolate croissants to the
Clearwater Fire & Rescue Department &
Clearwater Police Department
and a $500 gift card to the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce to support first responders.


In partnership with the Living Loving Team, we donated several platters of food, chips & drinks to the nurses at our local hospital, Morton Plant Hospital.

Thank you to nurses, medical staff & more who are on the frontlines. We truly appreciate you.

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