We’ve been serving tasty natural food to the Bay Area since 1987.

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From Scratch, With Love

Our commitment to you is to use only the highest quality & freshest ingredients available. Most of our beans, grains & vegetables are grown organically & non-GMO, and our meats are always antibiotic, hormone & nitrate-free. We always use BGH-free dairy products along with pure, non-GMO oils, natural sweeteners & reverseosmosis, triple filtered water. We cook cleanly & simply, keeping our food pure to give you the quality Mother Nature intended for your good health.

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dunedin café

Our Dunedin café is a great place to grab a sandwich, wrap, soup or one of our grab ‘n go salads or desserts. Fuel up with one of our made-to-order signature smoothies, organic juices or fair trade coffee.

Healthy Eats

#Clearwater Sides: Smashed Potato, Mushroom Gravy, Organic Black Beans, Organic Brown Rice, Stir Fry

#Dunedin Soups: Chicken Curry & Rice, Woodland, Creamy
Mushroom, Chicken Veg

#Dunedin Stew: Chicken Cacciatore

#Clearwater Soups: Chicken Veg, Woodland, Garden Artichoke, Creamy Mushroom, Chicken Curry & Rice

#Clearwater Kombucha: @221bckombucha- Orange Turmeric, Cinnamon, @motherkombucha- Switchel, @GTskombucha – Cannabliss- CBD infused Kombucha

HotBar: Taco Casserole, Chicken Parmesan, Italian Veg, Moussaka- followed by spinach lasagna, BBQ & Herb Roasted Chicken, Pizza

Made fresh from scratch

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